Writer, researcher & visual artist with eclectic interests.

Born and (mostly) raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently residing in the Napa Valley. I have collaborated with a diverse clientele online and in print including Turner Classic Movies, FilmStruck, Publishers Weekly, Cineaste Magazine, Harkit Records, Fandor, The Cultural Gutter, Cinedelica, and Book Passage. I was one of the first women nominated for a Rondo Award as a result of my writing and research devoted to classic horror films and my work has been singled out by a number of publications such as Columbia Journalism Review, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Irish Times, The Guardian, and Time Out.

Need help? I’m an easy-going self-starter who possesses critical thinking skills and innate creativity. Inquisitive, curious, and always eager to learn more. My limitless imagination, varied skill set, and broad appreciation of arcane subjects can be your asset. I am currently available for select freelance writing jobs and design work including branding, promotional materials, websites, and personal blogs. I can also provide virtual assistance such as research help, marketing advice, and social media management. Contact me and let's discuss your next project!



Kimberly Lindbergs

Writer, Researcher & Artist

Email: kimberly@cinebeats.com

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